JSF 2.0 Lifecycle phases

JSF 2.0 Request response undergoes different lifecycle phases:

1. View Restoration/Creation: Restores or creates a server-side component tree from the client view in memory to represent the UI information from the client.

2. Apply Request Values : Server-side components values will be refreshed from the client.

3. Process validation: Validation (if any ) will be performed and data type conversion will be done on the new data from client.

4. Update model values: Updates (if any) server-side model with the new data from client.

5. Invoke Logic: Business logic (if any) will be triggered in this phase (this is the custom code which will be developed by developers as per the business needs) and navigation to a new page (if needed).

6. Render Response: Saves state and renders response to the requesting client.

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